Monday, 24 June 2013 15:48

An Inspector Calls....

To our surprise (shock!) last Friday morning we received those dreaded words "I am an assessor for Quality in Tourism".  Take a deep breath and act calm, were my first thoughts - then I remembered at breakfast the assesssor had asked for a cheese omelette, but I forgot the cheese!!  He was gracious about this of course and said the omelette was delicious, but how typical of sod's law is that!  I am sure just like every other guest house owner, when the assessor makes an unannounced overnight visit and then announces himself to you in the morning after breakfast, you hope you have maintained your highest standards.  We're glad to say that we had.  Jan and I were both very very pleased with the assessor's (I am not allowed to say his name) report and his very glowing compliments about our guest house and the way we run it.  Here are a few extracts from his report:  "The cleanliness encountered and observed is to a very high standard with obvious due care taken to all areas of this house. The bathrooms and bedrooms were exceptional with all high and low areas being kept to an excellent level of cleanliness. Sanitary ware along with the extraction, mirrors and fittings were all gleaming."  High praise indeed! It didn't stop there I'm glad to say, we were complimented on breakfast too, he said "This is a well executed and presented breakfast backed up by excellent service and hospitality. The owners are proud of their Breakfast Award and ensure the quality and standards are such that this award will remain in place for the longer term".  There we have it, although a few minor points for improvement were noted very helpfully, which we will endeavour to resolve, overall a magnificent outcome - we retained our 4 Star rating together with a Silver Award and a Breakfast Award to boot!  Why don't you come along to Canterbury House as see what the assessor saw.  I promise I won't forget the cheese!







































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Gerry O'Kane (Motherwell)

3rd visit in 10 months says it all!! (June 2016)

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Thanks Marc & Jan, lovely stay, just wish it was longer! (July 2016)

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Fantastic as always! (June 2016)

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Been far too long since last time! Back soon x (April 2014)

Chris & Brenda Brennan - Southampton (September 2014)

Lovely food, lovely room, great hosts, thank you!

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Lovely warm welcome followed by a wonderful home from home stay (June 2014)

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What a lovely place to stay - perfect

Alan & Christine Wilson - Braintree Essex

Super stay! Food was fantastic - thank you Marc the Masterchef! (May 2013)

Theresa Kilminster (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire)

A really friendly couple who have made my stay like home from home nothing is too much trouble. Many thanks (July 2014)

Martin & Margaret (Cheltenham)

You have excelled yourselves once again, many thanks for everything (July 2014)

Paul & Jane Brant (Staffs)

A lovely week and a great stay again, thanks! (August 2014)